Horse cocks for Cheerilee
Important (please read)

If my art and pony blogs go down I don’t know if I will bother bringing them back.

Lamia’s art blog was deleted today. Again. And this time Lamia actually bought the domain. It didn’t stop tumblr from being a broken piece of shit. 

We tried putting a blog together to bring blogs back, but it does not work. And certain big names in the fandom refuse to help. 

This fandom was once a community, but now it is so deeply segregated and venomous that I almost want nothing more to do with it. I helped build this fandom, but what it was is already dead. 

I’m tired of the trolls. I’m tired of the fighting. I’m tired of the stupidity. I’m tired of the backstabbing. If I go down, I likely ain’t coming back.

If you are truly a fan of my work you can continue to follow me at other sites (assuming these tumblrs get fried).

Deviant art



My stuff will likely still show up at Derpibooru as well. 

I honestly recommend that you all follow me in one of those places. Tumblr is quickly getting on my last nerve. And I am a target for the trolls. 

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    Don’t give up. The more people that up and quit when these things happen just allows the assholes to win at their game....
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    I don’t have any strong opinions on the Rule 34 and otherwise NSFW stuff one way or another. The porn ain’t my thing,...
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    Y’know, I’ve seen something very similiar to this on YouTube before with popular YouTube Poopers and amateur voice...
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    It smells like death of tumblrpon.
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    God damn. I’m sick and tired of hearing that people feel like this has to be done. But then, it does.
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    Because all that domain is doing is pointing toward this site. Your blog is still part of Tumblr when you have a custom...
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